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November 18th, 2012

immigration lawyer north charleston scWhen living in a foreign country even at times in your own country, you can be accused of immigration offences such as illegal migration or even having fake passport or any document. This field involves complex laws and one needs an immigration lawyer Charleston SC to represent him or her in the case.

When meeting with your lawyer for the first time, there things you two should talk about to make your case run smoothly. The date the case will be heard on the court should be top in your list. You must be able to get a Charleston or North Charleston lawyer who will be free when your case is scheduled to be heard. This will help you avoid wasting time discussing your case then finding out later that the lawyer is booked on the date your case is to be heard.

Before divulging information about your case, the lawyer or his Charleston law firm should explain to you about fees involved. This talk should involve also how the fees is to be paid and at what time. He or she should also tell you whether he or she will charge you on hourly basis or charge you a certain amount for the whole case. Knowing about the fees at this stage helps one prepare financially for the case.

The next thing is talking generally about your case. You should be able to tell him or her the source of the problem and the truth about you. This information helps the immigration lawyer Charleston SC to know whether he or she can handle your case or if he or she should refer you to another lawyer.

You should also talk about any previous charges. Previous charges whether on this field or in other field can work negatively against you and hence you should tell the lawyer about them in advance. This will avoid surprises later as the case proceeds.